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Previously recognized as a section of South Shore neighborhood Huguenot, Woodrow is now regarded separately.

With Huguenot just to the east, Woodrow is surrounded by Rossville to the north, Arden Heights to the east, Annadale to the southeast, and Prince's Bay to the south. The Korean War Veterans Parkway runs through the neighborhood and provides a source of easy access. Early Woodrow achievements date back to 1771, when New York City's first Methodist church opened in the neighborhood. It still stands today and is known as the Woodrow United Methodist Church, which was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. Huguenot and the surrounding areas were long renowned for beautiful woodlands, though the second half of the 20th century ushered in several industrial and housing developments that led to a rapid rise in population.

Many Italian and Irish residents live in Woodrow, whose population is primarily comprised of Caucasians. Many residents own homes built from the 1970s onward. The majority of Woodrow consists of housing and general convenience stores, though the neighboring Huguenot and Annadale has recommended restaurants like Cucumber Sushi & Salad Bar, Annadale Diner Inc, and Fratelli Pizzeria & Pasticceria. One of Staten Island’s most serene parks, Bloomingdale Park, is also in Woodrow. Bloomingdale Park features excellent hiking and dog-walking trails, various athletic fields, and a play area for children. Though much smaller, Carlton Park is just two blocks east. Sinclair Avenue, Rossville Avenue, and Darlington Avenue offer most of the neighborhood’s on-street shopping and businesses.

Although many Woodrow residents are drivers, there are still some public transit options in the area. During rush hours, Woodrow is served by express buses X23 and X24. A local bus, S56, is also available on Woodrow Road during weekdays. Manhattan-bound buses from nearby neighborhoods like Rossville take about an hour and 15 minutes. There is also a Staten Island Railway stop in Huguenot, just a short walk away. As the West Shore Expressway is very close and the Korean War Veterans Parkway runs through the southern border of Woodrow, the neighborhood is fairly centralized in the South Shore.


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