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Neighborhood Description

If you ever wanted to scale to the highest point in New York City's five boroughs, Todt Hill is your destination.

Furthermore, Todt Hill is actually the highest point on the Eastern Seaboard, which stretches from Florida to Cape Cod. Formed out of serpentine rock, this neighborhood is located in the northeastern section of Staten Island, bordered by Dongan Hills and close to the East Shore. While it’s certainly a cool feature that Todt Hill is around 410 feet in elevation, there are many other allures to the neighborhood that have attracted residents like former Mets pitcher John Franco and Steven Seagal at some point.

As Little Clove Road transitions into Windsor Road, one begins the ascent up Todt Hill. This trip features wider streets and more greenery alongside the concrete than most NYC neighborhoods. In fact, Todt Hill offers several places of nature where one can escape from the city rush. There are many kettle ponds left over from glaciers that are thousands of years old, a superficial perk that's beneficial to high-elevated neighborhoods like Todt Hill.

Old stone houses, Victorian mansions, and random greeneries are apparent to any visitor. The trip up Todt Hill has a multitude of sights. It’s no wonder that they filmed Don Corleone’s mansion from The Godfather in Todt Hill, which also includes local attractions like the historic Moravian Cemetery, which was opened in 1740. Todt Hill residents are also known for decorating their houses and lawns with festive flair, providing visual splendor for those who drive past.

Due to its slopes, prevalence of housing, and high income of residents, Todt Hill is primarily car dependent. One local and several express bus lines run throughout the neighborhood, but most residents use their car to access work and local establishments. Todt Hill does not have as many 24/7 convenience stores or commercial sights as other Staten Island neighborhoods, but it certainly has more greenery and open space in comparison. The quieter, family-oriented vibes will appeal to families and young professionals willing to gravitate from urban living, and into a more suburban environment.


Local Subway Stops

  • SI Dongan Hills
  • SI Jefferson Av
  • SI Old Town
  • SI Grant City
  • SI Grasmere

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