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This coastal town was perhaps one of the most severely impacted communities when Hurricane Sandy blasted through the New York region in 2012.

New Dorp Beach, which adopts its name from the Dutch Nieuwe Dorp, meaning new town, is the coastal area lining the southeastern part of the town of New Dorp, Staten Island. Aside from its oceanfront location, New Dorp Beach is also notable for falling adjacent to Miller Field, a recreational area acquired by the National Park Service in 1974 and situated in an old Army Air Corps base. New Dorp Beach is serviced by MTA buses and is within close proximity to the New Dorp station on the Staten Island Railway.

Most homes in New Dorp Beach are (or were, pre-hurricane) converted beach bungalows with many attached homes mixed in. Although proximity to the water is usually linked to luxury estate, New Dorp Beach is anything but. What was once referred to as “the poor man’s Bermuda,” this town and its beaches have fallen to disrepair and suffered from neglect over the years. Nonetheless, two-family homes in the area were fetching up to $500,000 before Hurricane Sandy hit.

These days, New Dorp Beach is a mere skeleton of the town it once was. Locals living in the community continue to await storm relief assistance from the government and have turned to various forms of social media in hopes of drawing attention to the horrific damage inflicted by the storm. Oceanside bungalows and cottages were gutted entirely, and residents of this town are now hoping to secure the option of state buyouts in order to avoid high flood insurance rates on their ravaged homes. Needless to say, the real estate market in New Dorp Beach is non-existent at the moment.


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  • SI New Dorp
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  • SI Oakwood Heights
  • SI Dongan Hills

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