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Attracting young families in search of shady trees, lawns and backyards for the kids to play in, Eltingville still retains an air of the countryside with its low-density housing and abundant green spaces.

Situated on the South Shore of Staten Island, next to the Great Kills and Annadale, Eltingville was christened after the Elting family who resided in the area in the 19th century.

The southernmost point of the neighborhood below Hylan Boulevard is home to a selection of luxury waterfront homes, however it’s the colonial homes and ranches that dominate the area’s character. While the majority of Eltingville’s houses are 100-150 years old, there are also quite a few new homes.

Eltingville’s residents fall into the above-average income bracket. The neighborhood’s local demographic includes a significant Jewish and Italian population, evidenced by the ‘Young Israel of Eltingville’ orthodox congregation and a number of Italian business and pizzerias found in the area. However, in the early 20th century, Eltingville was predominantly Scandinavian.

Eltingville started life as farmland, and even when large-scale construction took over Staten Island in the 1960s and much of the agricultural land was built over, this particular area escaped overdevelopment and has managed to retain its country-like feel. It’s still possible to bask in the shade of century-old oak trees in the neighborhood’s older parts, like the area between Hylan Boulevard and Amboy Road. Not to mention that being a coastal area, Eltingville’s residents can find many recreational activities within walking distance around the beach or the nearby marina.

However, the neighborhood’s position at the crossroads between two major roads on Staten Island, Hylan Boulevard and Richmond Avenue, makes it an area that is not only easily accessible, but a well-established hub on Staten Island’s South Shore. Eltingville’s nearby commercial area extends down Richmond Avenue, but also offers further shopping and dining destinations along Amboy Road.

The neighborhood itself is within easy reach of Staten Island Railway on the bus lines that run along Richmond Avenue and Hylan Boulevard. There are also numerous local and express bus services, as well as a nearby park-and-ride depot, which is an attractive feature for those looking to catch the express services into Manhattan.


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