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08 20th Ave College Point
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15th Ave College Point
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College Point Blvd College Point
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117th St College Point
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126th St College Point
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Neighborhood Description

College Point, sometimes considered an extension of Flushing, is a peninsular working/ middle-class residential neighborhood of northwestern Queens with a large Hispanic and Asian population.

Directly north of Flushing, College Point has yet to undergo the radical transformation of its neighbor, but is slowly becoming a more Asian-American neighborhood. College Point is bounded to the north by Flushing Bay, to the east by the East River, to south by Flushing, and to the west by Malba.

Named for St. Paul’s College, the seminary was ironically in operation for only 15 years before it closed its doors in 1850, but the name stuck. The neighborhood had many colorful names in its past lives, including Flammersberg and Lawrence’s Neck, after the first European settler of the area, who arrived in the 17th century. For a couple hundred years the area was unchanged, but the arrival of a hard rubber industrialist by the name of Conrad Poppenhusen expanded the farming community into a factory town for the mostly German workers. College Point became the site of the first free kindergarten in America, and eventually grew to accommodate a number of breweries and resorts. In the 1920s it shifted its industrial focus to airplane parts manufacturing, although in the latter half of the 20th century it slowly turned into the modern day residential neighborhood.

Today College Point is known as “getaway” place in Queens, and a popular destination for young Asian Americans. Increasingly the neighborhood is seeing the introduction of new developments and businesses in what was formerly a quiet waterfront location. Popular draws include Spa Castle, a Korean-style jimjilbang, Empire Market (for German meats), and an eco-friendly lifestyle center appropriately called The Point.

Four parks grace the zip code, as well as a sizeable hockey rink. There are two public elementary schools and two private schools, including an all-girls high school. Landmarks include The Poppenhusen Institute, the Poppenhusen Library, the site of the old Flushing Airport (replaced by LaGuardia), and the Schleicher Court mansion. Popular restaurants include The Buffet, Little Pepper (Szechuan), La Grille Latin (Mexican), Benateri’s, and Mangu (Caribbean).

Transportation to College Point is unavailable by subway, but the Q20A/B, Q25, Q65, and Q76 lines service the area locally. I-678 runs along the western boundary of the neighborhood.


Local Subway Stops

  • 7 Flushing - Main St
  • 7 Mets - Willets Point
  • 7 111 St
  • 7 103 St - Corona Plaza
  • 7 Junction Blvd

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1BR Median Rent
  • 53% Other
  • 16% Private House
  • 11% Townhouse
  • 9% Walk-Up
  • 4% New Building
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