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$1,3751BR, 1BA
East 182nd St Belmont
On-site super, Walk-Up
5 Minutes since update
$1,6602BR, 1BA
Belmont Ave Belmont
13 Minutes since update
$1,6502BR, 1BA
East 186th St Belmont
3 Minutes since update
$1,7002BR, 1BA
Crotona Ave Belmont
11 Minutes since update
$1,6252BR, 1BA
Cambreleng Ave Belmont
Balcony, Outdoor Space, Terrace, Pre War
3 Days since update
$2,2004BR, 1BA
Webster Ave Belmont
~ 10 Hours since update
$2,4003BR, 2BA
Webster Ave Belmont
No fee
In-Unit Laundry, On-site super
~ 13 Hours since update
$1,3001BR, 1BA
East 186th St Belmont
5 Days since update
$1,6502BR, 1BA
East 189th Belmont
9 Days since update
$1,6502BR, 1BA
East 188th Belmont
11 Days since update
$1,7502BR, 1BA
Belmont Ave Belmont
11 Days since update
$1,5502BR, 1BA
East 189th Belmont
12 Days since update
$1,3501BR, 1BA
Beaumount Belmont
5 Days since update
$1,4502BR, 1BA
Beaumont Ave Belmont
19 Days since update
$1,3501BR, 1BA
East 189th Belmont
16 Days since update
$2,2003BR, 2BA
Webster Ave Belmont
No Fee
14 Days since update
$2,4504BR, 2BA
Webster Ave Belmont
Approved Pets Only, Pre War
~ 23 Hours since update
$2,5004BR, 1BA
Webster Ave Belmont
Approved Pets Only, Dishwasher, Pre War
27 Days since update
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Neighborhood Description

It’s bordered by Bronx Park to the east, Third Avenue on the west, East 183rd Street to the south and the Fordham University to the north. Up until the mid-1800’s, Belmont consisted of nothing but farms and vacant parkland before being divided into estates. A wealthy tobacco manufacturing family, the Lorillards, occupied most of the land in Belmont until the late 1800’s when immigrant communities began arriving.

Italians dominated the mass migration to Belmont, earning the neighborhood the title of ‘Little Italy’. Though the Belmont is still synonymous with this name today, the demographic has greatly diversified in recent decades and is now home to mostly Latin American, Puerto Rican and Albanian communities. Despite Belmont’s mix of ethnicities and religious groups, residents have always embraced their differences and succeeded in living harmoniously with one another.

Perhaps this has something to do with the heart of Belmont’s community life: food. It’s often said that ‘food brings people together’. If this is the case then look no further than Belmont to witness this theory in action. The neighborhood’s most celebrated street, Arthur Avenue, feels like a never-ending passage of delicatessens, trattorias and bakeries offering up some of the finest and affordable foods in all of New York. People flock to Arthur Avenue from far and wide to source the very best cheeses and cold cuts. Weekends are the liveliest – don’t expect to be able to see the pavements through the congested, bustling crowds that take over this popular strip.

Despite the commercial vibe on Arthur Avenue, Belmont is primarily a residential neighbourhood made up of low-rise Art Deco apartment buildings and wood framed row houses. Very few new homes were built during the mid-20th century but this has started to change in recent years. The area now experiencing somewhat of a housing boom, encouraging more people to buy in what has traditionally been a rent dominated neighborhood.

Aside from enjoying the abundance of great food and the vibrancy of daily life along Arthur Street, residents also have the Bronx Park and its famous zoo just a few streets to the east. To the west is Fordham Plaza, your typical suburban shopping mall offering all the main brands and stores. For those looking for something a bit more, you can always pop down to Manhattan – the subway to Grand Central takes no more than 20 minutes.

Local Subway Stops

  • D B Fordham Rd
  • D B 182 - 183 Sts
  • D B Kingsbridge Rd
  • 4 Fordham Rd
  • 4 183 St

The Top No-Fee Buildings

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Belmont Statistics

1BR Median Rent
  • 68% Walk-Up
  • 10% Pre War
  • 8% Private House
  • 6% New Building
  • 5% Elevator Building
Building types
popularity rank 2014 rank: 156

Belmont is:

Great food Near park

Belmont specialists

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Joel Abreu
Landseair Real Estate

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James Gibbs
Keller Williams NYC

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