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In December of 2013, the NY Times ran a piece titled “Beechhurst: Stepping Out of Whitestone’s Shadow.” It was very fitting, since Beechhurst is one of a few small neighborhoods in Queens often confused by its larger counterpart - in this case Whitestone.

Specifically, Beechhurst is the eastern section of Whitestone, and is bordered to the west by the rest of Whitestone, to the north and east by the East River and Little Bay, and is bounded on the south by the Cross Island Pkwy. I-295 meets Throg’s Neck Bridge and goes upstate at the southeastern corner of the neighborhood.

Beechhurst is that place that no one knows about, the little community by the water that sees no traffic on a Friday evening (or at any time, for that matter). Like Whitestone, it is so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the more urban and dense parts of Queens that it has become a very attractive residential community for the upper middle class and for anyone seeking a quieter Queens experience. Longtime residents like to joke that no one knows about Beechhurst except the people that live there.

The most exclusive area in Beechhurst, called Robinwood, is a 23-block gated community, and is comparable to Malba in Whitestone or Bayside Gables in Bayside. It has some of the priciest real estate in all of Queens. The rest of Beechhurst is mostly single-family detached homes, with an occasional two-family house thrown in. It has a very small-town, residential feel. Unsurprisingly, the waterfront has a number of co-op apartment buildings and condominiums, as well as high-rises and townhouses for the wealthy.

Beechhurst, like Whitestone, is a mostly white community with a smaller Asian presence than Bayside. Beechhurst Beach is one of the most prominent attractions, and is maintained by a group of local homeowners. Nearby Boosters Beach in Whitestone is also within walking distance, although it is membership-only. Like many well-to-do residential communities, Beechhurst has all the expected amenities, including a dog run, baseball fields for Little Leaguers, and many bike paths throughout the neighborhood. Shopping plazas can be found on 154th Street. Popular eats include Due Ponti, Logan’s Cafe, Cherry Valley Deli & Grill, and Takara Sushi.

Beechhurst falls within one of the city’s best school districts. There is one public elementary school and intermediate school, with a few parochial schools in nearby Whitestone. Bayside High is the nearest high school.

While bus service is available, and includes the Q15 and QM2 express to Manhattan, Beechhurst is so far out of the way that the only convenient way to get anywhere is to drive. In that regard the neighborhood does fairly well - quick, convenient access to the Cross Island Pkwy is very useful. Francis Lewis Blvd and I-295 are also very close.


Local Subway Stops

  • 7 Flushing - Main St
  • 7 Mets - Willets Point
  • 6 Middletown Rd
  • 6 Buhre Av
  • 6 Westchester Sq - E Tremont Av

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