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Neighborhood Description

Located on the eastern side of Staten Island, Bay Terrace is named for its main street.

The area was formerly known as Whitlock (named after the realty company that owned the land), but was renamed in the 1950s. Although small in size, Bay Terrace offers everything a resident requires: good housing, parks and schools, and access to transit.

This residential area features easy access to schools, parks, and playgrounds, making it an excellent choice for young and growing families. The proximity of Bay Terrace to the water offers families easy recreational opportunities during the warmer months of the year, as the beach is only a few miles away – one of the reasons why this area of Staten Island is such a popular place to live.

Located adjacent to Bay Terrace is Great Kills Park, part of the Gateway National Park Recreation Area. At 580 acres, the park offers ample biking, hiking, and running opportunities. Visitors can also head to the large beach are for a day in the surf and sun. The area is also a popular area for ornithologists (bird watchers) as it is a nesting ground for sea birds and contains the only osprey nesting site on Staten Island.

The residential area in Bay Terrace does not feature many opportunities for shopping, whether for food or other items. Although the bus system in Bay Terrace is fairly good, most residents will find that having a vehicle is easier for accessing commercial areas outside of the neighborhood.

This area of Staten Island offers a variety of commuting choices, including six express busses to various areas of Manhattan, making this area an excellent choice for New York commuters. The Staten Island railway also leaves from the Bay Terrace station to transport residents and visitors across the island, including access to the renowned Staten Island Ferry (which lands in lower Manhattan).

As a primarily residential neighborhood, there are many opportunities for rentals; though there are fewer apartments than single-family homes. One bedroom apartments start at around $900 though quickly go up if they offer a view of the water or offer easy access to public transportation.


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  • SI Great Kills
  • SI Bay Terrace

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