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Neighborhood Description

Located on the south shore of Staten Island, Annadale was officially named in 1860 after one of the area’s earliest settlers, Anna Seguine.

Originally a wetland and bird habitat, nearly half of Annadale is now parkland dedicated that preserves local wildlife, including a burgeoning sea bird and blue heron population. Within Annadale, you’ll find a mix of older and newer housing developments, including single-family and multi-family residences.

Annadale features many beautiful park spaces; the largest being the Blue Heron Park Reserve, which also includes a nature center. The park offers a variety of free programs for kids and adults, as well as containing six ponds that were creating thousands of years ago by a retreating glacier. Also within Annadale is Bayview Terrace Park, located on the waterfront overlooking the beach. The park is a major attraction during butterfly migration season, when over 30 species visit the butterfly-friendly plants in the garden each year.

Directly north of Annadale is a busy shopping district at Annadale Rd and N. Railroad St., easily accessible by public transportation. Here visitors will find bars and restaurants in ample supply, as well as delis, cleaners, and basic supplies. Nearby communities also offer grocery options on Amboy Rd., both to the north and south, also accessible by public transit.

The Staten Island rail line has one station in Annadale, which travels north to St. George Station for the Staten Island Ferry. There are many bus routes through Annadale, including the X23 on Woodrow Road and the X24 on Arden Avenue – both offering express service to midtown Manhattan. Several other bus routes run through Annadale to give travelers access to other areas of the island, including the Staten Island Mall.

Primarily family homes and larger estates dominate this area, but townhouse and apartment rentals can still be found at relatively reasonable rates. One bedroom units generally start at $1000, while larger 2-3 bedroom units start at $1500. In the area, you’ll find many schools and parks – Annadale is known for being a very family-friendly neighborhood where kids are often found playing on the street outside their homes.


Local Subway Stops

  • SI Annadale
  • SI Eltingville
  • SI Huguenot
  • SI Great Kills
  • SI Prince's Bay

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1BR Median Rent
  • 50% Walk-Up
  • 50% Private House
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