Set Yourself Apart

Stand out from the pack

You find your dream apartment, but there are going to be ten, twenty, maybe thirty applicants for it. After meeting prospective tenants, landlords make mental notes of which people will make the best tenant. You want to be one of those people. But how?

  • Be pleasant: Some people make a concerted effort to chat with the landlord and gush about the apartment, mentioning how qualified they are for it and how much care they'd take of the place. They treat apartment hunting like a job interview, right down to wearing a suit and shining their shoes.
  • Be generous: Others, who have the means, come prepared to put down the highest deposit of all.
  • Be prepared: Still others create an application package to beat all others, with references from every previous landlord, every past boss and even the dorm counselors and custodians they knew in college, attesting to how responsible and considerate they are.

Be the best!

A select few do all of the above. In competitive rental markets, they usually end up with the place. Bottom line, you need to set yourself apart from the rest - not in an exaggerated way, but in a way that makes the landlord think, I can see this person being a great tenant; I'll run this application first.

Stand out from the crowd
FIG 4.4: Best feet forward