701 Broadway

Williamsburg Brooklyn NY 11206

Building Description

"Prime location only 2 Blocks away from the JM&Z train at Flushing Ave Station, Also a walking distance to the L train at Montrose Ave Station. And onlya block away from the J and M Train at the Flushing ave trian station. Few steps a way from restaurants, retail stores and much more. Close to everything, food, grocerys, laundry, and shopping. "
Lotfi Chortani (Mar 2013)

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Line Station Walk Distance
J M Flushing Av 2 min 0.1 mi
J M Lorimer St 7 min 0.32 mi
G Flushing Av 9 min 0.39 mi
G Broadway 10 min 0.44 mi
L Montrose Av 10 min 0.45 mi
J M Z Myrtle Av 12 min 0.52 mi
G Myrtle-Willoughby Avs 12 min 0.55 mi
L Morgan Av 15 min 0.68 mi
J M Hewes St 16 min 0.7 mi
L Grand St 16 min 0.72 mi

Nearby Buildings

Units Built
700 Broadway 0 1975
697 Broadway 0 1931
691 Broadway 2 1931
24 Cook Street 8 2007
26 Cook Street 8 2007

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Grades Walk
P.S. 257 John F. Hylan PK - 5 3 min


One of the largest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Williamsburg has undergone a major metamorphosis in the last decade.

It’s transforming from a traditionally working-class neighborhood to a veritable embodiment of gentrification and urban rebirth. These days, tourists and day-trippers flock to Williamsburg for a little slice of cosmopolitan bohemia.

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