451 51 Street

Sunset Park Brooklyn NY 11220

Building Description

"Short 2nd Floor Walk Up in a Beautiful Red and White Classic Brownstone House located at 51st Street Between 4th and 5th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11220. R Train = 45th and 4th avenue or 53rd and 4th ave (2 blocks away N Express and R Train = 59th street and 4th Ave, 36th and 4th Avenue. Subway is a short 2 minute walk to the R train on 53rd street station and a 30 minute ride into Manhattan. 1/2 Block Away 4th Avenue, Laundry (close to many laundry services 1 Block Away 5th Avenue. New windows (Solar Control E-glass, Energy efficient Inert Gas Insulated). Has a beautiful tree growing Ivy Vines. "
Mark Tran (Jul 2013)

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Line Station Walk Distance
R 53rd St 3 min 0.15 mi
R 45th St 7 min 0.31 mi
N R 59th St 11 min 0.48 mi
N 8th Av 16 min 0.73 mi
D N R 36th St 17 min 0.75 mi
D 9th Av 20 min 0.91 mi
R Bay Ridge Av 21 min 0.95 mi
D Fort Hamilton Parkway 22 min 0.97 mi
D 50th St 24 min 1.08 mi
N Ft. Hamilton Parkway 24 min 1.09 mi

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Units Built
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Sunset Park

With great views of Manhattan and the New York Harbor from the highest vantage point in Brooklyn, and easy commutes via the D,N,R trains, Sunset Park presents a fantastic option.

Sunset Park borders the East River and New York Harbor, and still has an active shipping port along the water.

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