349 Marion Street

Bedford - Stuyvesant Brooklyn NY 11233

Building Description

"Minutes away from the G, A and C train, seconds away from Herbert Von King Park, and the wonderful Barkley's Center. Features include, down the street from Marion Hopkinson Park, Stainless Steal appliances, hardwood floors. "
Scheffee Wilson (Feb 2014)

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Line Station Walk Distance
C Rockaway Av 5 min 0.22 mi
J Z Chauncey St 5 min 0.24 mi
J Halsey St 7 min 0.3 mi
C Ralph Av 9 min 0.38 mi
L Bushwick Av 12 min 0.53 mi
A C J L Broadway Junction 14 min 0.64 mi
J Z Gates Av 16 min 0.72 mi
L Wilson Av 17 min 0.75 mi
LIRR East New York 17 min 0.77 mi
L Atlantic Av 18 min 0.79 mi

Nearby Buildings

Units Built
353 Marion Street 6 1906
351 Marion Street 6 1906
347 Marion Street 2 1899
339 Marion Street 3 1910
337 Marion Street 3 1910

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Bedford - Stuyvesant

Bedford-Stuyvesant, or Bed-Stuy as it’s often called, is in the north central part of Brooklyn.

It borders Williamsburg to the north at Flushing Avenue and Crown Heights to the south at Fulton Street, and spans from Classon Avenue to Broadway. One of Brooklyn’s oldest established neighborhoods, it can be a great alternative to the more expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods closer to Manhattan, with a charm all its own.

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