223 West 78 Street

Laconia Bronx NY 10024

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Nearby Buildings

Units Built
225 West 78 Street 8 1900
221 West 78 Street 6 1910
215 West 78 Street 40 1926
222 West 79 Street 2 1910
219 West 78 Street 7 1910

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Located next to Bronxwood and Olinville in the larger neighborhood of Allerton, this ethnically diverse neighborhood features some of the best green spaces in the Bronx with notable parks located within a mile and a half in each direction.

Allerton was named after Isaac Allerton, a Mayflower passenger listed on the Memorial at Plymouth Rock, even though he never lived here. There was little development here until the 1920s, when the subway was extended up White Plains Road.

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