2044 Bergen Street

Crown Heights Brooklyn NY 11233

Building Descriptions

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Line Station Walk Distance
C Rockaway Av 7 min 0.31 mi
LIRR East New York 12 min 0.55 mi
L Atlantic Av 12 min 0.55 mi
A C J L Broadway Junction 13 min 0.56 mi
C Ralph Av 13 min 0.56 mi
J Z Chauncey St 15 min 0.66 mi
L Sutter Av 15 min 0.69 mi
L Bushwick Av 16 min 0.71 mi
J Alabama Av 16 min 0.72 mi
3 Sutter Av 18 min 0.81 mi

Nearby Buildings

Units Built
2010 Bergen Street 3 1927
2028 Bergen Street 3 2003
1641 St Mark's Avenue 4 1910
1631 St Mark's Avenue 8 1910
1595 St Marks Avenue 3 2004

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Crown Heights

Crown Heights is located in central Brooklyn. It is bordered by Prospect Park to the west, Flatbush to the south, Brownsville to the east, and Bedford-Stuyvesant to the north.

Today, Crown Heights is a vibrant up-and-coming area with over 150,000 residents. The neighborhood is undergoing rapid change, with a wonderful blend of culture, food, shops, and living areas. Crown Heights is home to a diverse population, joining other neighborhoods in making up the melting pot of Brooklyn.

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