191 Graham Avenue

Williamsburg Brooklyn NY 11206

Building Description

"With the new influx of the young and hip, this once immigrant-dominated neighborhood now supports a thriving art community, local indie rock scene, and plenty of restaurants and bars while still remaining an enclave for its traditional Italian, Polish and Latino population. Williamsburg is serviced by the L train and you can be in Manhattan in a matter of minutes. 2 Blocks from Montrose L Train, Roof access, In between the Montrose and Grand L train. "
Carmela Palmer (Nov 2010)

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Line Station Walk Distance
L Montrose Av 5 min 0.21 mi
L Grand St 7 min 0.3 mi
J M Lorimer St 8 min 0.37 mi
G Broadway 9 min 0.41 mi
L Graham Av 10 min 0.43 mi
G L Lorimer St 11 min 0.47 mi
G L Metropolitan Av 12 min 0.55 mi
J M Flushing Av 12 min 0.55 mi
J M Hewes St 13 min 0.56 mi
L Morgan Av 15 min 0.65 mi

Nearby Buildings

Units Built
142 Scholes Street 12 1931
193 Graham Avenue 2 1920
189 Graham Avenue 2 1920
187 Graham Avenue 2 1920
183 Graham Avenue 4 1920

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Grades Walk
P.S. 250 George H. Lindsay PK - 6 4 min


One of the largest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Williamsburg has undergone a major metamorphosis in the last decade.

It’s transforming from a traditionally working-class neighborhood to a veritable embodiment of gentrification and urban rebirth. These days, tourists and day-trippers flock to Williamsburg for a little slice of cosmopolitan bohemia.

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