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~ Plan Features ~

Featured Listings

Make your listings stand out in search results by "featuring" them. Just one click in your listings control panel.

Description Generator

ELITE Premium plans only

Just click a few buttons and we'll create unique, custom listing descriptions for your ads, automatically!

Social Sharing

Share your listings on the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with a single click from your listings control panel.

Professional Classified Flyers

Our professionally-designed templates will make your classified ad stand out from the crowd. Choose the template, copy the code, create the ad and you're done.

iPhone App

Create and edit listings, snap and upload photos, read and respond to renters, and manage your showings. All from the road.

Showings on Demand

In-market renters send requests to view a listing; respond quickly and get the lead!
Accepted requests cost $5. No refunds.

Exclusive Web Site

Your own exclusive site for marketing yourself and all of your listings to potential clients. Just your listings - none of your competitors. Use for all your marketing channels.

Search for Renters

Elite Premium plans only

Don't wait for renters to find your listings - reach out to those renters looking for apartments that match your listings.

Neighborhood Sponsorship

Elite Premium plans

Get promoted in articles about your neighborhood specialties. We'll place your name, photo, and link to your listings on all available pages.

Quality Renters

Naked Apartments renters are serious, in-market and dedicated.

No Contracts, No Commitment

Pay by the month, cancel at anytime - no penalties, no contracts, no problem.

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Listing Feed Sync Listing Feed Sync Listing Feed Sync
Exclusive Web Site Exclusive Web Site Exclusive Web Site
Search for Renters Search for Renters
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We offer a free plan for small landlords (2 active listings).

~ used by some of New York's leading RE firms ~
~ Questions and Answers ~

How do I create listings?

You can either manually create your ads using our easy upload form; or, if your company has a listings feed, we can use that to automatically import your listings. Contact us for help with this.

What are Listing Slots?

Listing Slots are the space you have for active listings; those that can be viewed by renters. Elite, Premium, & Plus Plans include , 250, 100, 50 listing slots respectively.

All plans allow an unlimited number of inactive listings (hidden from renters). You can easily switch listings from active to inactive with one click.

What are Featured Listings?

They're listings that are highlighted on the search results pages to make them more visible to renters.

What's the Exclusive Web Site?

Your own personal site for displaying all your listings, your bio, your photo, your renter reviews (optional). And no competitors' listings to distract your potential leads.

Cut and paste the URL into all your marketing materials with the click of a button.

View a demo.

What is a Classifieds Flyer?

It's a page template designed to make your listings stand out from the crowd on sites like Backpage. Simply click a button, copy some text, and paste it into your classifieds ad. We've got eight deluxe templates for you to choose from.

What is a Neighborhood Sponsor


It means your name, photo and a link to your listings appears at the top of one of our "neighborhood pages", which contain all listings for that neighborhood, as well as a description of the neighborhood.

What is Listing Feed Sync?

Naked Apartments syncs with all major brokerages, RealtyMX, OLR and more.

Please note that we only post listings from paying agents and ignore listings from non-paying agents. If you have paid for a plan and have listings in a participating feed, we will automatically add those listings and keep them updated so you don't need to worry about posting ads.

Can I cancel or switch plans at any time?

Yes. Only pay from month-to-month and cancel anytime. Plus, no early termination fees or other obligations.

What does "Renter Search" mean?


It means you can search for and contact renters who haven't contacted you.

What is the Description Generator?


Elite plan subscribers have access to the Description Generator tool which quickly and easily creates unique, custom listing descriptions for their ads.

How the Description Generator works

When creating or editing an ad in your account, you can write your own description or let us create one for you. The click of a button generates a well written description based on apartment information you already provided. You also have the option to select apartment and building characteristics within the generator tool to produce an even more compelling and detailed description for your ad.

What does "auto-feature listings" mean?


Elite plans come with 30 featured listing slots (featured listings are highlighted to stand out in search results.) If at any point you're not using all your slots, we'll pick some listings and feature them for you (with a preference for Open Listings). You can opt-out of this feature at any time.

What are Showings on Demand?

Renters can schedule a specific showing time from our Open Listings. We send the showing request to only the select group of agents advertising the Open Listing. The first agent to accept the request gets the lead, and an accepted showing request costs the agent $5. We include relevant details to help qualify the renter before you accept. Once you accept the request, we'll connect you to the renter and provide their full contact info.

How much do Showings on Demand cost?

Elite subscribers get 5 free showings each month. All other subscribers must pay $5/showing.

Do Free Showings on Demand roll over?

Unused showings do not roll over to the next month.

Can renters request Showings on Demand from my listings?

Renters can only make a Showings on Demand request from Open Listings where we group all the agents advertising the same apartment. If a renter is just viewing your individual ad for the Open Listing, they will not have the option of requesting a showing. The Showings on Demand button will not appear.

If you have any other questions, Email Us.