Why Brokers Don’t Share the Address


Renters often become frustrated/irritated/angry when a broker witholds the exact address of a building. To understand why, renters need to understand the broker’s perspective.

When a broker discloses the address of an apartment, there’s a chance the renter bypasses them in order to avoid paying a broker’s fee.

Sidestepping the broker in this way does happen and happen often, especially when fees are as expensive as they are in NYC.  And it’s for this reason that most brokers will not share an address with you, especially before you’ve met face to face or signed an agreement and gone through a qualification process.

If you’re the type of renter that refuses to pay a fee, then you can easily limit your search to no-fee rentals in whatever NYC neighborhood you’re considering; however, know that you will limit  your choice of apartments. To land some of the best apartments in NYC, you’ll have to pay a fee. To understand why this is the case, read our explanation on the economics of no-fee.

So while it’s certainly frustrating to meet a broker in person before you find out the exact location, unfortunately, there’s just no way around it, unless you limit the number of apartments to consider.