Viewings on Demand™: The Statistics

Background image shows an agent showing an apartment to a client. Overlayed are a column chart and a pie chart. The title is Viewings on Demand: The Statistics.

Two years ago we proudly launched Viewings on Demand™ (also known as Showings on Demand™). The product beat all expectations, helped catapult our growth, inspired other real estate companies, and is changing how real estate is done in today’s mobile-first world.

To celebrate this two-year anniversary, we’re releasing 7 key stats so real estate pros can better understand when/how and where renters are using this popular feature.

How soon do renters want to view an apartment?

48% want to view the apartment the same day.

An area chart showing that 48% of requests are made for the same day, and that number drops off significantly.

What day is most popular for viewings

Who doesn’t want to see apartments on Saturday?

A column chart showing that Saturday is the most popular day to view an apartment.

What time is most popular for viewings?

At lunch and after work.

An area chart showing that lunchtime is the most requested time to view an apartment.

When a request is made, how long does it take an agent to respond?

Here’s the real magic for Viewings on Demand™.

A column chart showing that viewing requests are confirmed incredibly fast, with close to 80% confirmed in under 2 hours.

What time of day are renters most active with making requests?

Most request activity happens during work hours, on their bosses dime! ;)

Area chart showing when renters are making requests, showing that work hours are the most popular.

On what days are renters most active with making requests?

While Saturday is the most requested day to view an apartment, request activity is higher on Monday and Tuesdays.

Column chart showing that request activity isn't concentrated on a few days, but spread out across all 7 days.

Where are renters making requests?

62% of requests are made on phones. 38% on desktop.

A pie chart showing 38% for desktop and 62% for mobile.


Stats are based on 100,000 requests generated on Naked Apartments and the Naked Apartments iOS App.