Tweets About NYC Apartment Hunting

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Our favorites (from the past few weeks):

Gotta love apartment hunting in NYC. I only click on broker listings like “BEST DEAL EVARR ZOMG” or equivalent so I know they’re serious.
@razorjamon (Editorial note: here’s a related infographic.)

What do vacuum cleaners and searching for apartments in NYC have in common?

How is it easier to find a decent guy in #nyc than it is to find a decent apartment?

Apartment hunting sucks ya’ll. If anybody in the NYC area needs a roomie..holler at me. I’m clean, b**ches. I’m CLEANNNN.

Uhmm…I know NYC apartments are small, but How in THEE Hell did all of those folks live in the Jeffersons place!?! #TightAsHell #MoveOnOut

Finding an apartment here is like trying to find meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. #cluelessreference #NYC #ugh

Apartment-hunting in NYC makes me stabby.
@stotto (Editorial note: We don’t know what this means – should we laugh or lock our doors?)

Runners up:

I reached out to nearly a dozen NYC apartment listings today. Now all I have to do is bat slightly better than Adam Dunn.
@EricSlepak (Editorial note: Adam Dunn is a baseball player that pretty much is batting terribly right now.)

The process of getting an apartment in NYC can kiss my grits. Seriously.

Today I search for apartments in the clusterf**k that is downtown NYC. Wish me luck (or a divine intervention)

Apartment hunting in NYC is no joke! Didn’t even have to go through all this when I bought a place in LA. Lord give me strength.

Have been sobbing uncontrollably at my desk since admitting to myself that the NYC apartment hunting has begun in earnest.

Apartment hunting in NYC is the best! 0_0 #sarcasm #expensiveproposition

Apartment hunting in NYC is a real motherf**ker.
@Fabtraption (Editorial note: we think this one really sums up most renters’ feelings before they discover Naked Apartments.)

If only these frustrated Twitter users knew about @NakedApartments ;)