The 4 Most Notable Residential Buildings in New York City


Black and white drawing of a city skyline resembling NYC.

New York City is always pushing the boundaries, and its residential buildings are no exception. Whether it’s a 9 foot wide house, apartments over 1000 feet in the sky, or a mansion full of ghosts, New York has it all.

Here are four of New York’s most notorious residences:

1. The Narrowest: 75 ½ Bedford Street

Many New Yorkers have to contend with tight confined spaces in their apartments, but this issue does not usually extend to the building itself. The notable exception to this is 75 ½ Bedford Street, which is not only the narrowest residential building, but also the narrowest building in the city. The home, built in 1873, is only 9.5 feet wide and 30 feet deep. But lest you think nobody would want to live in such a tight space, the house was recently sold for $3.25 million.

2. The Tallest: 432 Park Avenue

This building, though currently still under construction, will be the tallest place to live in the Western Hemisphere when it’s completed. The highest apartment in the building will have a view of Manhattan from 1,396 feet from the ground. It is part of the recent construction trend of building tall buildings in midtown that would not have been possible before now.

3. The Oldest: Pieter Classen Wyckoff House

In a city that changes as fast as New York, many buildings don’t last more than a few decades, let alone a few centuries. But, there is one notable exception in Brooklyn. Built in 1652 and designated a historic landmark in 1967, the Pieter Classen Wyckoff house in Canarsie is still standing. Wycoff, who arrived from the Netherlands in 1632, was an indentured servant to the famous and rich van Rensselaers and would go on to a career as a magistrate and farmer. The house is now open to the public as a museum.

4. The Most Haunted: 14 West 10th Street

As haunted sites go, New York has some of the most notorious, including Washington Square Park and the Dakota apartment building. But probably the most infamous site sits in Greenwich Village. Built in the 1850’s and nicknamed “The House of Death,” there are reports that 22 unnamed people have died in the building, at least one murdered, and that many of them still haunt the site.

The residence is famous for other reasons, too. It was reportedly the home of Samuel Clemens (pen name: Mark Twain), who lived there around the turn of the last century.