New Feature: Search by Subway Lines

Search-by-Subways-DetailUse Naked Apartments to find apartments close to your subway (MTA) line!

New Yorkers will tell you the secret to shortening your commute is living near the right subway line.

If your work is 1 block from a stop on the L, then your commute will be much simpler if you live close to the L.  The more transfers you have, the more walking you’ll do, the more time you’ll spend waiting on platforms, and the the more delays you’ll deal with. In other words, transfers are for suckers.

Want to live near a stop on the A C E to minimize your commute? Just enter your search criteria, and check off A, C, and E. We’ll only show apartments that are close to stops along those lines.

We hope you enjoy the new feature. And as always, your feedback is appreciated.