Renters Insurance – Phone Numbers & Contact Info

The damage that Sandy has caused is unimaginable. If you’re one of the thousands of individuals who have suffered from the hurricane, our hearts go out to you. We hope that you’re safe.

For those with renters insurance that have also suffered property damage, and are wondering about making a claim, below are some contact numbers and links that should be helpful. Please be prepared, however, for the high likelihood that your policy does not cover damage from a hurricane/flooding. According to, “a standard renters insurance policy will not cover hurricane or flood damage.” Nonetheless, it’s still a good idea to double check your policy to see what is covered and to contact your insurance company. Look for the section titled “Losses not Insured,” and then look for any riders that you may have in place that do cover flood insurance. But again, unfortunately most renters opt to not add flood insurance.

Before contacting your insurance company:
1) Before cleaning up, thoroughly document all damage with photos or video (ideally use both)
2) Review your policy
3) Contact your insurance company

Contact information for common companies

Claims: 800-255-7828)
Claim Center

Claims: 800.872.5246
Claim Center 

Claims: 866-274-5677

Claims:  800-435-7764
Claim Center
What’s covered

First American
Claim Center
Claims: 866-874-1295 or 888-922-5344

Claim Center for their various underwriters

Homesite Insurance Group
Claims: 866-621-4823
Claim Center

Liberty Mutual
Claims:  800-225-2467
Claim Center

Claims: 800-782-8332
Claim Center

Claims:  800-252-4633
Claim Center