The Story Behind Our New Commercial

If you’ve ever used YouTube, or like watching late-night cable (are you obsessed with The Weather Channel?), chances are you’ve seen commercials for Naked Apartments. Those commercials have helped Naked become one of the top rental sites nationwide — even though we’re only in NYC. With 200,000 visits every week, Naked has become the alternative to Craigslist in the city.

A run down basement space with exposed brick.
Naked Apartments Commercial by Alex Pepper

And today, we’re announcing our latest commercial, but the catch is, we had absolutely NOTHING to do with it. We literally had no idea this commercial was in the works. We never made a request, put out a contest, or even thought about producing new ads.

A very talented actor, producer and writer, who has done work on SNL, The Daily Show and the Step Up franchise, heard great things about Naked Apartments. Alex Pepper decided to put together a promotional ad, Tweet it, and watch it go.

Within 12 hours after Tweeting Naked’s CEO, Joe Charat, Alex was in discussions to use his ad for promotional purposes. Three days later, a deal was done, and Naked Apartments is now proud to feature our newest ad — that we had nothing to do with — and share it with our community.


Many, many thanks to Alex Pepper. Find him at or @AlexJPepper