New Feature: Notebook

A new way to document and share your apartment hunt

Images of 3 stages of using Notebook on an iPhone.

When touring apartment after apartment, your memory quickly gets cluttered. With each new apartment, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish that apartment from all of the previous ones. Harder yet is describing the differences between apartments to your roommates, friends, and family. Words alone can’t describe a faded parquet floor or a pink bathtub with a black tile surround, but pictures can.

Today, we solve this problem with our newest feature, Notebook. Available as part of our iOS app, Notebook lets you document every apartment you view with your own photos and notes. It also records the address, neighborhood, price and size of each apartment. You can then reference Notebook to compare all the apartments you’ve seen. And you can share Notebook with your roommates, your friends or your family.

Enter an email recipient and Notebook sends a summary of each apartment you view. Every email includes your photos, your notes, a map of the apartment, and a list of the nearby Yelp-rated restaurants.

Your memory will love this new feature, as will your roommates. Download the Naked Apartments iPhone app today and give Notebook a try. (Notebook will soon be available on Naked Apartments Android App.)