Partner Up! Naked Apartments + Nestio!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Nestio to bring their helpful app to the thousands of renters that use Naked Apartments every day.

We've added the Nestio button!

What is Nestio?

Nestio is an awesome new site that helps renters organize apartment listings.  Renters save listings from Naked Apartments (and other major sites like Craigslist) to their Nestio account.  They can compare their saved listings through a helpful grid, add notes or pictures, and more.  And for those diligent renters that like taking notes as they visit apartments, Nestio’s iPhone app lets you take notes on the go.

The site also helps roommates collaborate. Roommates share a Nestio account, and each person can add listings and share notes.

Integration on Naked Apartments

Now, whenever you explore a listing on Naked Apartments, you’ll see the “Add to Nestio” button.  Just click that button to add the current listing to your Nestio account.  Or, if you’ve installed the Nestio bookmarklet, you can just use that as you browse our listings.

Why the Partnership?

Naked Apartments’ mission is to simplify NYC renting for everyone involved with a powerful search engine, broker reviews, anonymous messaging, email alerts, reverse search (brokers send renters apartments and offers), and more. By adding the Nestio button to our site, we’re further fulfilling that mission and making your hunt that much simpler. We think you’ll love Nestio, so check it out and enjoy!