Naked Apartments Mobile Apps Update

We’ve made several updates to our mobile apps over the past few months that we are excited to share with you. These updates make the app easier to use and introduce new features that will help you find an apartment faster. Each of these new features is available for both iOS and Android.

Superhood Selector

We’ve made it easier to hone in on the neighborhoods you’re interested in so you don’t waste time sifting through listings in areas you don’t care about. With our new superhood selector, you can search for apartments not just by neighborhood but by groups of nearby neighborhoods. Interested in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Bushwick? Instead of selecting all those neighborhoods separately, a single tap on the superhood allows you to select them all at once.

superhood selector naked aparment app
Old Neighborhoods Selector (left); new Superhoods Selector (right) on Android screens.

We’ve divided up the city in several superhoods so you can tap any one of these superhoods to select all the neighborhoods within it. In a single search, you can select as many superhoods as you like and, of course, you can still select individual neighborhoods too.

This is a super efficient way to see apartments in areas of interest to you, without having to scroll through a seemingly endless list of neighborhoods.

Improved Scheduler for Showings on Demand

With the improved scheduler for Showings on Demand (SOD), you can now get faster responses from agents. In the past the app has allowed you to request to view an apartment at multiple times, but now the app provides an easy-to-use calendar to request and schedule showings. The new calendar design is intuitive and simple and will cut down on the headache and hassle of scheduling showings with agents.

Naked Apartment App for iOS
Old Showings On Demand scheduler (left); new Showings On Demand scheduler (right) on iOS screens.

Instead of adding multiple dates and times to a list, you can now conveniently tap time boxes.

Open Listings Contacts

Open listings can be slightly confusing but the important thing to remember is that these apartments are not represented by a single, exclusive listing agent and instead are represented by several different agents each of whom has the right to show you the apartment. Open listings can work in your favor especially when you cast a broad net and contact several agents at once. A new feature on the Naked Apartments app allows you to do just that. Just a couple of taps will seamlessly connect you with any one of these agents.

Naked Apartments app
Old Agent Contact (left); new Agent Contact (right) on iOS screens.

From any apartment view, tap Contact Agent and the screen on the right above will appear.  From there, you can directly contact agents via email or phone. To contact multiple agents at once, select them and use Contact Selected Agents to bring up a compose window into the Naked Apartments Messaging feature. This is a convenient way to get your questions in front of several agents at once.

That’s it for now. As always, please share your comments and suggestions with us so we can continue building the features you want to use.

Don’t have the Naked Apartments app yet? Get with the times!! Download it for free for iOS and Android.