We at Naked Apartments are big believers in connecting with customers to build better solutions to their problems. One way we connect is through social media, primarily Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogging. Since we launched Naked Apartments in 2010, we’ve learned a lot about these channels, but those lessons were time consuming and resource intensive. If only Stephanie Davis (NYC’s imitable social media guru) taught a class two years ago on social media… The good news for you is that Stephanie now offers classes through her company Social Terra Consulting, and Naked Apartments is proud to sponsor them.

Social Terra's Logo

Social Terra Consulting

Stephanie Davis is a thought leader on real estate and social media. Through her various Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, she alone has a larger and more loyal following than some of the biggest companies in real estate. Now you can learn from the best. Sign up for her classes.

More about the classes from Stephanie:

“The Labs [classes] will have a casual feel and atmosphere. Agents may come and go as they like during any Lab. There will be 30 Minute Presentations from VIP Guests Speakers/Stephanie/Thought Leaders in the Industry that start on the hour each hour at every lab (i.e 1 and 2pm). And the rest of the time will be Lab focused – asking questions, working together on individual agent problems as a group, Stephanie demonstrating her expertise, insider tips and tricks, answering questions and giving agent-focused advice/guidance.”

THE  NOT-SO-SMALL-PRINT: while we are helping to sponsor these classes, we do not see any financial proceeds from them.  We’re fans of Stephanie, and after all, a more informed and tech-savvy real estate community helps our site grow.