Are you starved of plant life in the city?  Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have space for our own gardens outside, but that is certainly not a reason for not having any plants!

Indoor plant material has found a way to work even under the most unnatural of environments.  Some of these plants are known to survive under florescent lighting, and some even filter out toxins in the air.

A list of the most basic indoor plants around can be your best starting point to a green thumb.


– Cast Iron plant

– Prayer plant

– Pothos

– Peperomia

– Snake plant

– Peace Lily


The best place to always find great quality indoor plants can be in the plant district in NYC on 28th street, year round.  In the warmer months, head out to your local farmers market, nursery or even local hardware store… supporting small and local businesses!  I’m partial to the farmers at Union Square on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  They should explain a bit about how it likes to be watered and fertilized for a long and productive life.

Once you have the basics you can start to get creative.  Happy gardening!

Melissa Bateson is a small town farming girl making her statement in New York City as an urban gardener.  Creating lush rooftops in Manhattan or planting quiet nooks in Brooklyn, this garden maven has been inspiring New Yorkers to become more involved with the plant kingdom for almost a decade.