Find the Best: Rental Agent Hall of Fame

Naked Apartment celebrates its top Agents

Part of Naked Apartments’ core mission is to bring transparency to the rental process. Now, with the introduction of our “Hall of Fame”, we’re making it even easier for renters to identify, contact and work with top agents and brokers in New York City.

In addition to positive renter reviews, Hall-of-Famers have a 6 month track record of helpful, courteous and prompt interactions with our renters, keep listings accurate and up to date, and refrain from any ‘funny business’ to promote themselves or make their listings stand out.

Renters can easily browse agent profiles, read capsule reviews, or target their search by neighborhood and find agents serving areas they want to live in. This service is 100% free for renters with no added cost or fees for our agents and brokers listed in the Hall of Fame.

We’ll add more features in the coming weeks and months, but for now, we’re proud to have launched this one-of-a-kind platform.

Find the top rental-agents today!