Favorite NYC Apartments on TV

Back when everyone was gushing about “Friends,” a few killjoys liked to grouse that Monica Geller’s NYC apartment was unrealistically big for a pair of young, underemployed 20-somethings. But their living situation was easily explained by the fact that: 1) the place was handed down from Monica’s grandmother and: 2) it was make believe, people.

Remember how Monica dated Tom Selleck? That wasn’t real, either.

Besides, Hollywood specializes in creating fantasies, and if they can trick the rest of the country into thinking regular folks can afford a swinging pad with a huge living room and skyline views, then let there be blissful ignorance.

Here are five TV shows that featured our favorite fake Big Apple apartments on TV:


Luckily for Monica, her grandmother picked out the spacious 2-bedroom apartment with a killer balcony years earlier, when rent control kept things sane. As a result, Monica, who at one time had just $127 in the bank, only had to cook up $200 a month for this place, located at the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village. (Some say it’d actually cost about $5k a month today.) Even then she needed a roomie to make it work.

Friends NYC Apartment


Sure, the kitchen’s small. And it doesn’t come with a hot tub, like Kramer’s place across the hall. But there’s a reason Elaine and George were so jealous of Jerry’s 1 BR on West 81st Street: location, baby. It’s within walking distance of Central Park and Hayden Planetarium and a short cab ride to this really quaint café you might recognize.

Interior of "Seinfeld" Apartment

“Will And Grace”

Do you think Will and Grace ever had coffee with “30 Rock’s“ Liz Lemon? Because their luxurious 2 BR at 155 Riverside Drive is right next to Lemon‘s place at 160 Riverside (less than a half mile from Jerry and Kramer!), and we think they’d get along swimmingly. We’d get along with W&G’s fireplace and terrace.

Interior of "Will & Grace" Apartment

“The Odd Couple”

The entrance to 1049 Park Avenue — with its trademark awning — doesn’t look much different today than it did in the 70s when the fictional Oscar Madison and Felix Unger became unlikely roomies. That’s why friends still have their photos taken here three decades later. Located in a 14-story co-op a hop, skip and jump from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an apartment here can go for $4 million — pretty upscale for a sports writer and a photographer. But remember that fantasy thing?

Interior of "Odd Couple" Apartment

“Mad About You”

New Yorkers would like this place mostly for its bathroom, which might actually be larger than many NYC apartments. Aside from that, the fictional apartment at 51 5th Avenue isn’t much bigger than an actual apartment you’d find there. Still, this Greenwich Village pad is in a sweet spot, offering a bird’s eye view of the Gay Pride Parade.

Interior of "Mad About You" Apartment

Other favorites:

* “The Mindy Project” (exact location unknown). Spiral staircase? We’re there.

The Mindy Project Apartment
* “Sex and the City” (66 Perry Street). For Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe-filled walk-in closet.

Sex and the City Apartment

* “Mad Men” (136 Waverly Place). We’re mad about the Drapers’ sunken living room. See all the Mad Men pads.

Interior of "Mad Men" Apartment