Email Messaging for Brokers & Landlords!

Now when you communicate with a renter, you can do so by replying to their message via email. You no longer have to log into the site to see their message and respond. You can handle it all through the ease of your email account.

Many of you have requested it and we understand the need for it – you want to be able to respond while on the road, using your phone and your primary means of communication, email. Well, now you can!

You will still have to log in to the site to search for renters and make your initial contact. Also, if you want to send them new listings after emailing back and forth, you’ll have to log back into the site to do that.

However, once you’ve contacted them or if they’ve contacted you via one of your listings, you can respond and communicate by simply replying to the email that gets sent to you with their message.

In terms of pricing, nothing changes. If a renter contacts you anonymously and you decide to respond to them, you are charged a credit to communicate with them but nothing after that. Also, you’ll still be charged a single credit to search and reach out to a renter.

Good luck!

The Naked Apartments Team