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Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Views

There are many reasons to move to New York City, but the one that newly-minted New Yorkers revel in most is that constant feeling of experiencing something that could exist “only in New York.” It could be catching buskers in Union Square performing a violin rendition of Billy Jean, brunching on dim sum in Chinatown [...]

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Where to Move in NYC: Best Neighborhoods for Newcomers

So you’ve decided to pack up your bags and come to New York City, huh? Moving to NYC is a daunting task for anyone, eliciting questions like: Where should I live? What subway is the best to live near? Will I be able to ever see a tree? Additionally, the NYC housing market doesn’t make [...]

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Best NYC Neighborhoods for 2BRs Under $2K

Landing a two-bedroom apartment in NYC for $2,000 and under is, perhaps, the holy grail of apartments in NYC. Not only does it guarantee more space, but it also keeps your rent under $1,000, assuming you would split the cost with a roommate. Although renting with a roommate isn’t for everyone, it’s a surefire way [...]

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Consider Queens: Should You Move to Ridgewood?

(Source: Forest Hills Real Estate) As the popularity of North Brooklyn neighborhoods has continued to grow over the past 10 years, so have the rents. Williamsburg was the first to boom in popularity as many people started to follow the artists east of Manhattan. This influx was followed closely by Greenpoint and Bushwick. Littered [...]

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Consider Queens: Renting in Jackson Heights

Located east of Astoria and just south of LaGuardia Airport, Jackson Heights in often hailed as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City. The area is a true melting pot filled with residents who come all over (167 languages are spoken here), but the majority of residents (64 percent) are Hispanic, according to [...]

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Consider Queens: Renting in Sunnyside

The only thing worse than working in Midtown is commuting to Midtown from the outer boroughs. And unless you've got one of those high-paying Midtown jobs and can afford Manhattan rents, chances are you're commuting in from a more budget-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn. If that 45-minute to an hour-plus commute is getting you down, it's [...]

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Over the Slope? 5 Affordable Neighborhoods Near Prospect Park

Park Slope and Prospect Park go together like a bagel and schmear. From the time Prospect Park opened to the public in 1863, the neighboring streetcar suburb -- Park Slope -- was a hot commodity. It was even listed in the 1890 census as the richest community in the country. Fast-forward 125 years and not [...]

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Pros and Cons: Renting in Harlem

When I first told my neighbor in Windsor Terrace that I was moving to Harlem, her first words were -- and I kid you not -- “Why are you moving upstate?” This was soon followed by, “I hope you don’t expect me to visit.” She’s a good friend, I swear. When it seems like everyone [...]

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Viewings on Demand™: The Statistics

Two years ago we proudly launched Viewings on Demand™ (also known as Showings on Demand™). The product beat all expectations, helped catapult our growth, inspired other real estate companies, and is changing how real estate is done in today’s mobile-first world. To celebrate this two-year anniversary, we’re releasing 7 key stats so real estate pros can better understand when/how and where renters are using this popular feature. […]

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The Most Popular Neighborhood Characteristics

It’s said that New York’s neighborhoods are  “the biggest collection of villages in the world.” In fact, there are over 150 villages to choose from and they’re all different. But… what neighborhood characteristics matter most to renters? To answer that, we analyzed the search behavior of the last 25,000 renters on our popular Neighborhood Finder™.  Specifically, we looked at which of the 15 “neighborhood vibes” renters were selecting most often. The results are below. […]

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