Best and Cheapest Movers in NYC

cheap movers NYC
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Moving apartments in NYC can be challenging at best, purgatory at worst. From climbing fourth-floor walk-ups to steering furniture through narrow doorways and even narrower staircases, it’s safe to say this city presents a series of unique obstacles. You’ve jumped through all the financial hoops and compiled a mountain of paperwork to land a new place in a pinch. The stress of relocating is only exacerbated by having to do so on short notice.

Now it’s time to figure out the logistics. Here’s a few options for schlepping your stuff.

Affordable Movers


TaskRabbit is not just for doing random chores. The company actually has a moving division. Simply fill out a few details about your move online, and you’ll be provided on the spot with a list of Taskers ready and able to help. Along with that you’ll get to view their rates as well as reviews from past customers. There’s even an option to select someone who has a van or can assist you with packing and unpacking. If you choose this route, it’s imperative that you read through the contractor reviews to select someone who suits your needs. I recently used them for a studio move and they were done in less than two hours (shout-out to Manuel B!). For small moves, this is probably the most cost-effective option.


  • Contractors determine their own rates, usually in the $60-$100/hour range.

Payment Options

  • Credit card, cash
Cheap Movers NYC
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Handy operates similarly to Task Rabbit. Enter the details of your move on their website and they provide a quote. The only drawback is, unlike Task Rabbit, you do not get to select the person to do your move and you have to provide the vehicle. If you’re willing to roll the dice with an independent contractor, Handy is still a viable and affordable option if you’re moving within the five boroughs.


  • Flat rate determined by number of movers needed, duration of time and distance.

Payment Options

  • Credit card

Full-Service Movers

Man With a Van

Man With a Van is owned and operated by a man who is a 12-year veteran of the moving business, operating within NYC, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Their sprinter vans can hold the contents of a studio or small one-bedroom, but if you’re planning a larger move they can also arrange for a box truck. Best of all, the crew shows up to your door with tape, shrink-wrap, dollies and blankets — all of which is included in a standard moving rate. If you’re really pressed for time, they’ll pack your loose items for an additional fee. According to their website, they are available on short notice. Man With a Van also works in partnership with Toto reusable moving crates. If you choose to rent them, they’ll deliver the crates for free.


  • Standard hourly rates range from $50 to $150/hour with two-hour minimum.

Payment Options

  • Cash, credit card, check or PayPal accepted
Cheap movers nyc
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Rabbit Movers

Rabbit Movers hires only local artists. That means you can have your stuff moved and support those cool creative types you’ve always wanted to be friends with. They’ve even been known to do pop-up mobile art exhibits in their moving trucks. Skeptical about a bunch of bohemians handling your fragile ware? That’s fair, but Rabbit Movers are trained professional movers as well as artists.

In addition to having the hookup on reusable crates and traditional cardboard boxes, Rabbit Movers also offers storage options. This can be a huge plus when your schedule requires flexibility or your move-out date doesn’t coincide with your move-in date. Need to throw out some old furniture? They’ve got that covered, too.


  • Flat rate determined by size, distance and difficulty of move.

Payment Options

  • Cash or credit card

Veteran Movers NYC

Staffed solely by military veterans, you can bet that no move is too scary or cumbersome for Veteran Movers. They come well prepared, equipped with dollies, blankets, tools and tape, and work on either a flat rate or an hourly quote.

They’re flexible with move size, whether it’s just one sofa or a whole house. Depending on the scale and scope of your move, they can handle a full-service move or simply help you move a couch out of your parents’ basement. In addition to working in the five boroughs, Veteran Movers also can help you move from and into spots like Long Island and upstate NY.


  • $175/hour base rate with two-hour minimum
  • Flat rate determined by size, distance and difficulty of move

Payment Options

  • Cash, credit cards, or cashiers/certified checks