Average Utility Bill. When hunting for an apartment, renters are often reminded to budget for utilities, but how much should they budget? To answer that question, we asked New York City renters to estimate their bills. The average cost of electric according to our renters is $75 per month. For cable television, the average is $116 per month. For Internet access, the average cost is $45 per month.   Here are some Renter’s Tips to save on your Average Utility Bill:  Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) can save you up to $60 per bulb in electricity costs over their lifetimes.  Getting rid of your landline in favor of your cell phone or Skype can save you $20-50 a month.  Instead of paying hundreds for cable, try using services like NETFLIX and HULU PLUS to instantly watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime. Each service starts at around $7.99 per month.

With utilities, broker fees, moving costs, furnishing costs, and security deposits, moving into a new apartment costs much more than just the monthly rent. In order to help answer the question of how much to budget for the average utility bill, we asked New York City renters to tell us what they are currently paying.