6 Tips for Finding an Apartment in NYC

nakedapartments-1comWant to make your apartment search easier in New York? Here are six tips that will cut down on a lot of the hassle.

1) Be open to spending at least an hour with a broker so they can show you more than the apartment you contacted them about. But if you call them after they just posted and they say the apartment is gone, I recommend running in the opposite direction.

2) Tell them exactly what you are looking so that they can prepare with apartments that match exactly what you want – need a lot of light? Have a minimum square footage requirement? Must be pet friendly? Want no fee only? Absolutely everything!

3) Be stringent about what you want but be flexible too. The market is tough so be ready to give up something you may want for something you absolutely need.

4) Let the broker know what you’ve seen. Give them the addresses of past places so that they don’t waste your time showing you apartments you’ve already seen.

5) Tell them up front you will not tolerate being stood up or being late. Let them know that if they are, they shouldn’t expect you to refer them to anyone else.

6) Have all your paper work ready – three blank checks (first, security and any fee you might pay), a letter from your employer, last two months of pay stubs and be ready for giving your information (SSN#) for a credit check.

These helpful tips are provided by Naked Apartments (www.nakedapartments.com), which makes renting an apartment in New York easier by connecting renters with brokers and landlords.