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So, I moved, and found an apartment in less than a week (from the first search to signing a lease) using Nakedapartments.com! It was an AWESOME experience!
This service is absolutely fantastic. My apartment search on apartable.com and realtor websites was harrowing until I signed up for this site, and then I saw three apartments and applied for one of them all in the same day. My application was successful and I move in in a week. If a friend asked how to find an apartment in NY I would tell them to exclusively use nakedapartments.com. Also I would be yelling.
NYC Apartment hunting sucks...this is the best experience I've had looking so far!@NakedApartments! @ryhinchey
Your website is awesome! If any webmaster sees this, let me know and I will bake the relevant coders a cake in appreciation.* *the team has opted for a lemon cake with orange/cream cheese frosting. Yum.
Fantastic NYC apt search site:@NakedApartments #ux win @thekateyouknow
Apartment hunting for the first time in 6 years. Naked Apartments has made it much easier.
No, thank YOU @NakedApartments! its the only site that has helped any since trying to move out there! @bridgesnmatches
NakedApartments is the cleanest, most trustworthy internet apartment search site. It shows you the actual location of the apartment and eliminates duplicate listings. I actually enjoy looking for a place on this site because I don't feel like I'm being scammed by a sketchy broker on [company name omitted (nation's leading classified site)].
I just discovered @NakedApartments and my moving-related stress disappeared. Fingers crossed! @JuliaPrieto
Naked Apartments makes finding a new apartment easy and fun. Maps, photos and contact information are front and center on every listing, not hidden behind a paywall. They have listings that even paid services miss. Unlike online classifieds, Naked Apartments doesn't tolerate spam or scams.
Mark Lyon
@NakedApartments is by far the best apartment hunting website I've come across #efficient @naminthecity
Being on the hunt for a new apartment is always a pain, but Naked Apartments made it super easy for me. They asked all the right questions to make sure every place I looked at was the right fit for me. They did an amazing job helping find a new apartment and I will definitely be using them again
@NakedApartments, cup of coffee & looking at your apartments - no better way to start a Sat. morning Ms_T_Kizzle
Naked Apartments is the only reason why I have an awesome one-bedroom in Murray Hill for the price of a studio. My broker was a gem, and couldn't have had a better experience finding an apartment in NYC. Who can say THAT?
I thought i was the first to come up with a million dollar idea. nope. meet @NakedApartments @namslam
The more I use it, the more I love it!
Zoe Stetsyna
Naked apartment is definitely one of my favorite sites. I get a lot of serious clients from it. I also love their classifieds flyers.They are also open to suggestions and also respond promptly to any questions!
Naked Apartments has proven to be an excellent site. The clients I get from NA are much better quality than [company name omitted (nation's leading classified site)] - they're more serious and more likely to rent.
Deborah Schutt
Naked Apartments has been a huge help with generating leads ...my #1 lead generator.
Bobby Tolliver
I use your site religiously...it has increased business for me!
Within the first week of making my @NakedApartments account I made my first deal. @thatmatg
The clients I get on Naked are of a higher quality than those I get on [company name omitted (nation's leading classified site)].
From day one Naked Apartments has made my job so easy. The best feature of the website is the screening of renters. Using Naked Apartments is a no brainer for any agent in NYC.
As a Licensed Real Estate agent in Manhattan, Naked Apartments has been a fantastic element for my professional business.
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