Press for Naked Apartments

Naked Apartments' mission, ease-of-use and quality listings have received universally positive reception from the venerable New York Times to top local blogs like Brownstoner, to fashion-forward portals like Refinery 29.
  • "Rental listings giant Naked Apartments."
  • "Trying to invert the typical search experience for tenants."

    "Offers consumers a leg up in a market where apartments rent at warp speed."

  • "Exclusive on-stage interview with our CEO on how Naked Apartments disrupted the NYC rentals market."
  • "Naked Apartments offers a wider variety of outer borough options and is a great jumping-off point for the young and cash-strapped."
  • "New York City startup brings transparency to apartment search."
  • "For Renters-to-Be, the High-Tech Lowdown"

    "Tips on Renting in a Web-Site World"

    "An Apartment for Under $1,500, or Bust"

    "The Hunt: An Eye Out for an L Shape"

    "The Hunt: The Dog Stays. We?ll See About the Stuff"

  • "...a slew of happy renters and brokers, excited to put Craigslist behind them."
  • "Tips for renting the best apartment in a competitive market."
  • "Technology allows users to see properties in no time."
  • "Listings site Naked Apartments is one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive."
  • " for renters and landlords and apartment brokers."
  • "We like the anonymity and security that the site provides."

    "Naked Apartments adds accountability to your apartment search."

    "Apartment living for less: Spending smart as a renter."

  • "We love Naked Apartments!"
  • "The best apartment-hunting websites and apps."
  • "... the incredible Naked Apartments"
  • Webby Award Nominee for Real Estate!
    Nominated with Zillow, Trulia, NYTimes Real Estate and Hotpads.
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