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Signing up and Getting Started

What is Naked Apartments?
Is Naked Apartments free to use?
I LOVE Naked Apartments! How can I help spread the word?

Your Account and Profile

What if I told a tiny little lie on my profile?
Can I edit my profile?
How do I cancel my account?

Searching for Apartments

How can I get more info on a particular apartment?
How do I favorite or save a listing?
How do I save a search?
Why are some apartments no longer available when I contact the agent?

Safety tips

Never send in a security deposit or any other cash before you’ve seen an apartment
Never share your financial information
Credit Checks
Verify licensing info
Verify landlord info
Other common sense tips


Who can see my reviews?
Why should I write a review?


Do you offer free trials?
How much does it cost to advertise on Naked Apartments?
Did you change pricing and create listing limits?

Billing & Cancellation

How do I cancel my account?
Can I cancel anytime and are there termination fees?
What is your refund policy?
Can I receive an extension if I don’t have funds on my card to pay for my plan?
Is my card charged automatically?
If I upgrade plans, how much am I charged?
If I downgrade plans, how much am I charged?

Listing Feeds and Importing Listings

How do feeds work?
How do I set up a feed?
How do I import my listings from RealtyMX?
How do I import my listings from OLR?
How do I import my listings from Nestio?

Contacting Renters

How do renters contact me?
Does it cost anything when a renter contacts me?
How do I search for renters?
What about contacting a renter who has not contacted me?
What are "suggested renters"?
Why do I have to attach a listing when I use Search for Renters?
How do I display my contact info?
When sending a renter a listing, what does ‘set listings' broker fee percentage’ mean?


Why is my listing not appearing when I search for it like a renter?
How many listings can I upload?
What if my listing was assigned to the wrong neighborhood?
When are listings expired?
Should I delete listings that are now unavailable?
How do I share my listings on Facebook and Twitter?
How do I get my listings to rank more highly?
When uploading a listing, why do I have to enter the address?
What’s a featured listing and how many featured listings do I get?

Showings on Demand

  • Renters can request specific showing times from Open Listings
  • The lead is sent only to agents advertising the Open Listing
  • The first agent to accept the request gets the lead and we provide the renter’s full contact information
  • An accepted showing costs the agent $5
  • The $5 cannot be refunded even for cancellations or no-shows


What are Showings on Demand?

Renters can schedule a specific showing time from our Open Listings. We send the showing request to only the select group of agents advertising the Open Listing. The first agent to accept the request gets the lead, and an accepted showing request costs the agent $5. We include relevant details to help qualify the renter before you accept. Once you accept the request, we'll connect you to the renter and provide their full contact info.

Will other agents receive showing requests from my listings?

Renters can only make a Showings on Demand request from Open Listings where we group all the agents advertising the same apartment. If a renter is just viewing your individual ad for the Open Listing, they will not have the option of requesting a showing. The Showings on Demand button will not appear.

What results should I expect?

We encourage agents to evaluate the program from a high level. Like any lead, not every showing request will result in a meeting or communication with the renter. But the cost of accepting individual showing requests is relatively inexpensive relative to the profit of one successful showing. The program will benefit agents who recognize the overall opportunity to capture leads from Open Listings.


Does this cost anything?

For subscribers to our Elite Plan, you receive 5 free showings each month. For subscribers on our other plans, every accepted showing costs $5.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. We charge your card at the time you accept a showing request, and the $5 cannot be refunded. You should expect that some leads will not result in a showing or even a phone call or email from the renter.

What happens if I or the Renter cancels?

You or the renter can cancel a showing appointment as needed, but we do not offer refunds. No-shows and cancellations will sometimes occur.

Do free Showings on Demand roll over?

Only Elite subscribers get 5 free showings each month. Unused showings do not roll over to the next month.

How it Works

How will I be notified of a Showing Request?

Add a cell phone number for text message alerts to ensure you're alerted right away. And turn on Email, Desktop Notifications, and iOS push notifications under account Preferences. You need to respond as quickly as possible to all requests.

Responding to renters

You'll see the renter's full profile - move date, income, guarantor - to help qualify the renter. Because a request goes out to multiple agents, the first agent to accept the request gets the showing. So respond quickly! Once you accept the request, we'll connect you to the renter and provide their full contact info.

Where do I meet the renter?

If the renter wants to see the apartment right away, we'll suggest a meeting place close to the building, but won't reveal the building address. We only reveal the address if you tell us to.


How do I get included in the "Top Agents/Agents Hall of Fame"?
Is there a cost to be in the "Top Agents/Agents Hall of Fame"?
What is the Exclusive Website?
What are classifieds flyers and how do they work?
What is the Description Generator?
What is a neighborhood sponsorship?
How do I unsubscribe from all or certain emails?


Can I respond to a review?
Whom should I request a review from?
For all other questions, please contact us

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