About Us

Real Innovation

Through the years our business has adapted to the realities of the NYC rental market, using technology to simplify how renters find their next home. We’ve innovated in an industry badly in need of it. And we’re incredibly proud of our many accomplishments:

  • We were the first to sort listings not by date added, not by who was willing to pay for top placement, but instead by our “Quality Score”. Prioritizing renters, not revenues.
  • We were the first to let renters remain anonymous when inquiring about a listing. Defending renters’ privacy.
  • We were the first to combine duplicate listings, to easily compare the different descriptions, photos, and agents who advertise the listing. Saving renters’ time.
  • We were the first to put into place a comprehensive verification system, to avoid dealing with listings that are no longer available. Protecting renters’ sanity.
  • We were the first in the nation to create a true on-demand service in real estate. So our renters land the best apartments, before anyone else. See a listing you like, tell us when you want to see it, and we’ll find an agent to show it. We call it Showings on Demand.
  • We were the first in the nation to combine listing search with neighborhood search; renters tell us what rent, apartment size, amenities and neighborhood vibe they want, we show them neighborhoods that match your needs. We call it Neighborhood Finder and it's getting rave reviews.

In February 2016 we were acquired by the Zillow Group. We now work out of Zillow Group's NYC offices, alongside some of the most brilliant minds in real estate.

Building Trust and Transparency

Choice: In NYC, most apartments are advertised by multiple agents, which is why the same listing appears repeatedly on competing sites. We group all duplicate listings so that renters can quickly compare and choose whom to contact -- by the photo sets, apartment descriptions, agent reviews and agent response-times. See it in action.

Safety: Unfortunately, scams are rampant in rentals, which is why most sites display language about "being careful, not wiring money, etc." Instead of a simple warning, we proactively force a series of safety screens. We're the only site that verifies licensing credentials, and we display that licensing information to the consumer. Plus, every landlord goes through a manual check to ensure they're listed as the owner of record.

Top Realtime Listings Database: We have data relationships in place with every major rental brokerage, and landlord in NYC, giving renters the most comprehensive choice of available apartments, with and without a broker's fee.

Verified Listings: On top of our proprietary database, we run a series of algorithms to "Verify" apartments that we know to be accurate and available. And in addition to letting renters search Verified listings, we also display a warning flag if we think a description might be inaccurate.

Local Expertise: Major markets require, and justify, a truly localized product. Nearly 70% of New Yorkers rent, not buy. And no other site is more focused on NY rentals than NakedApartments. We get this city.

Our Team

  • Heather Bjork
  • Kevin Brown
  • Chuck Callebs
  • Joe Charat
  • Gabriel Friedman
  • Jay Hancock
  • Jay Signorello
  • Bruno Sousa
  • Kirk Okada
  • Tyler Brown
  • Michalis Polakis
  • Cory Darland
  • Kara Robinson