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Mike was born and raised on the Upper West Side, and while he doesn't expect you to commit everything about him to memory, you should note... he's a real estate pro who's fully committed to the Upper West Side. Many brokers and agents will tell you they serve all of Manhattan. Mike knows the value of really knowing his community and how buyers, renters, sellers and landlords appreciate working with a neighborhood expert (which is why he created I Love The Upper West Side -- a place to gather as a community and learn about the best properties on the market). If you're a renter, you should talk to Mike about his three showing challenge. Mike has such a good handle on the Upper West Side market that once he knows more about your needs, there's a good chance he'll find you the right place in record time. Mike's in good with landlords who value their property and rent to good people. He has access to unique brownstones and townhouses that other agencies don't have. He's also very well connected with building managers which means you'll have plenty of options when it's your time to rent. If you're a buyer, Mike likes to help your dollar stretch. He's a stickler for making sure your home isn't just a purchase but a smart buy. Don't be shy, Mike's great about handling the details so that you can focus on what you do best. If you're a seller, you're in luck. Mike builds relationships and with many who are interested in becoming homeowners. Mike helps buyers appreciate the convenience and attraction of each Upper West Side block. He's a sales veteran with a marketing degree and there's a long term renter out there just waiting to buy a home like yours. Needless to say, if you're a landlord and you're not already working with Mike, you should give him a call NOW. Why? Because Mike's got a waiting list of qualified renters who are looking for the perfect place- you're really missing out!

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Allison ****

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I am so very happy to recommend Love Where You Live Realty.

This is an unsolicited review.

I highly respect this agency for a multitude of reasons:

I am on the West Coast and was thinking about opportunities in NYC. I am not too knowledgeable about NYC, especially UWS.

I needed someone who had in-depth knowledge in UWS for many reasons, but to be brief...

Mike Mishkin responded immediately to my email.

I found his listing off of Craig's List. (One of the best listings I've seen, which offered furnished, not furnished options and a decent monthly price/area).

What sets this agent apart from all others that I've inquired with in NYC:

He understands the value of business relationships and rapport. He will respond even if you are on the fence about something. That is pivotal.

Absolutely valuable for the long term. He's not an agent that is going for *just* closing escrow all over the place and just any old place. He's focused on building long term relationships with his clients.

He listens to your requirements, both fiscally and personally.

Something else that is different: he knows UWS like nobody's business!

Go to their website: ilovetheupperwestside.com.

It's an amazing resource even if you want to relocate to NYC, in general, not restrictive to UWS.

What Mike does is valuable and it's clear as day he loves what he does.

And as the late Steve Jobs said it best: "the only way to do great work is to love what you do."

I can confirm that he also does great work. He fosters relationships extremely well with humor and affability. Especially when you're out of state and aren't sure what you are doing!

I highly recommend this agency and I'm not even based there. That tells you something. I would recommend anyone relocating specifically to UWS to contact Mike because he's friendly, timely and extremely helpful.

I sent Mike a long list of preliminary questions that I had about the NYC rental market and he took the time to call me and we discussed my questions on the phone. Really helps to have someone walk you through your questions regarding uncharted territory.

If I need any additional help on UWS in the future, I'd call Mike in a heart beat.

Mike you deserve this review. So thanks!

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Adrienne ****

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Mike Mishkin is my baby bro, but I was extremely happy with his service. For my current and last apartments, he found exactly what I was looking for but for 800 less (a month!) than ones I had found on my own. So I may be biased, but I was very happy. And I can promise that being friendly and almost too honest runs in our family.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Jared ****

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excellent, prompt service.

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.

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