Sunset Park Apartments


$1,9502BR, 1BA
39th St Sunset Park
600 Sq. Ft., Pets Allowed, Outdoor Space
3 Days since update Verified
$1,8502BR, 1BA
45th St Sunset Park
No feeExclusive
3 Days since update
$3,1504BR, 2BA
40th St Sunset Park
Cats Only, In-Unit Laundry, Dishwasher
~ 1 Hour since update
$2,1002BR, 1BA
39th St Sunset Park
Pets Allowed, Backyard, Outdoor Space
~ 1 Hour since update
$1,7001BR, 1BA
4th Ave Sunset Park
Pets Allowed
~ 1 Hour since update
$2,0002BR, 1BA
40th St Sunset Park
In-Unit Laundry, Laundry Room
~ 1 Hour since update
$2,0001BR, 1BA
45th St Sunset Park
Backyard, Outdoor Space, Brownstone
~ 10 Hours since update
$2,2002BR, 1BA
47th St Sunset Park
Pets Allowed, Laundry Room, On-site super, Outdoor Space
~ 10 Hours since update
$2,0003BR, 1.5BA
56th St Sunset Park
Pets Allowed, Walk-Up
~ 11 Hours since update
$2,2002BR, 1BA
44th St Sunset Park
Approved Pets Only, Backyard, Outdoor Space, Brownstone
~ 11 Hours since update
$2,0001BR, 1BA
58th St Sunset Park
~ 16 Hours since update
$1,7001BR, 1BA
40th St Sunset Park
Laundry Room
~ 18 Hours since update Verified
$1,8001.5BR, 1BA
4th Ave Sunset Park
~ 18 Hours since update
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Local Subway Stops

  • N 8 Av
  • R N 45 St
  • R N 53 St
  • R N 59 St
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Sunset Park Statistics

1BR Median Rent
  • 26% Walk-Up
  • 21% Pre War
  • 14% Brownstone
  • 10% Other
  • 6% Private House
Building types
popularity rank 2014 rank: 70

Sunset Park is:

Quiet Families Great food

Sunset Park specialists

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Kristina Misailova Misailova

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Kings & Queens Leasing
LeFrak Realty Operations Group

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Laverne Goulbourne

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Neighborhood Description

With great views of Manhattan and the New York Harbor from the highest vantage point in Brooklyn, and easy commutes via the D,N,R trains, Sunset Park presents a fantastic option.

Sunset Park borders the East River and New York Harbor, and still has an active shipping port along the water. The construction of the elevated Gowanus Expressway in 1941 effectively cut the community off from the harbor, resulting in most of the waterfront properties being filled by commercial and industrial warehouses. More recently, such spaces have been occupied by an influx of artists and small businesses, which are contributing to a revitalization of old urban spaces in the area.

The neighborhood’s namesake park is located on one of the highest points in Brooklyn and affords a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline, New Jersey and Staten Island. The Green-Wood Cemetery, a famous tourist attraction, boasts 478 acres of grounds and is a Revolutionary War historic site. A few of the cemetery’s famous residents include Leonard Bernstein, William Magear “Boss” Tweed, and Horace Greeley.

Nightlife in Sunset Park is as diverse as the food. For drinks, head to Greenwood Park, an impressive 13,000 square foot beer garden that features 60 beers on tap, a seasonal menu, and a bocce court, or check out Irish Haven, the pub at which the movie “The Departed” was filmed. Hungry? Head over to Tacos Matamoros for a little slice of Mexico and some of their signature roasted goat.

Well known as a multicultural hub, Sunset Park was predominantly occupied by Finnish, Polish, Swedish, and Irish immigrants throughout the 19th century, but was reborn as “Brooklyn’s Little Latin America” in the 1970s, when Puerto Rican, Dominican, Ecuadorian, and Mexican immigrants began populating the area. In the 1980s, a wave of Chinese immigrants settled Brooklyn’s first Chinatown, now the largest Chinatown in New York City. To this day, roughly 50 percent of the neighborhood’s residents were born outside of the U.S., infusing the community with a vibrant mix of cultures that is quintessentially New York.

The neighborhood is located in the western part of the borough, bounded by Greenwood Heights to the north, Borough Park to the east, the Bay Ridge to the south, and Upper New York Bay to the west. There's easy access to nearby shopping including the Sunset Park mall and Costco as well as reasonable monthly rents.

Transit to and from Sunset Park is relatively easy. A subway trip from Fourth Avenue to Grand Central or Columbus Circle will take about 45 minutes, to Union Square, about 30. There are three subway lines, the N and D express and the R local, and several bus lines, the 9, 11, 35, 37, 63 and 70.

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