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East 58th Midtown East
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Tina Borges-Druth Photo

Tina Borges-Druth
Bond New York

(978) 604-0414
1776 Broadway
Manhattan, NY 10019

Tina Druth is an experienced businesswoman who has worked in several real estate venues throughout her career. Apartment hunters notice right away that she carries herself with the self-determination of one who knows what she is doing. With the focus of a vetted professional she is sensitive to what her clients describe as their ideal home and is able to present options that meet their criteria. She does not run them around the city hoping they see something they like, but rather targets apartments that she knows will meet their wishes. Warm and interested in those she works with, Tina understands what it is like to move to a new city and find a new home. She is particularly helpful to corporate relocation individuals and is able to help them make a smooth transition. A delight to work with, Tina gets sterling reviews from those who engage her service.

Originally from Newport, Rhode Island, Tina earned her Bachelor of Science in Business with a minor in Fashion Merchandising from the University of Rhode Island. As co-owner of Druth Commercial Real Estate in suburban Boston, for over a decade, she was responsible for closing numerous commercial transactions, managed residential properties and headed corporate furnished rentals for corporate clients who were relocating to the area. She owns homes in Andover, Massachusetts and in Newport Rhode Island and knows the intricacies of selling and buying a home. In 2010 she relocated to New York City's mid-town west with her husband and children.

Tina and her family acclimated perfectly into their new life in Manhattan. She reached out to contacts she had established to build a client base from which she receives referrals. Tina is very involved in her children's blossoming careers. Young as they are, her daughter is an Equity actress and singer and her son is a Hip Hop Dancer and professional DJ.