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Keith Collins Oxford Property Group (714) 321-3553 2101 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10026
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A Southern California transplant, Keith came to New York to pursue a career in theater. At the advice of his friends and family, Keith began exploring whether or not a career in real estate would be a good fit between gigs and became hooked. In addition to the neighborhoods of Harlem and Washington Heights, he also specializes in Queens- particularly Sunnyside, where he has been a proud resident for the last five years. Keith brings a great deal of knowledge to his job, while also remembering how stressful it can be looking for a new home.

My Specialties

Astoria, Elmhurst, Hamilton Heights, Harlem, Jackson Heights, Long Island City, Morningside Heights, Sunnyside, Washington Heights, Woodside