Magdalen ****

review date 05/30/2013 overall rating
Working with Jackie was a dream. She was very upfront about all my options, saw me within twenty-four hours of my contacting her, and I walked away from our first meeting with a wonderful apartment. She is a great communicator, really knows what she's doing, and has great, positive energy which is such a help when you're trying to find an apartment in New York. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

I rented an apartment from this agent.


Samantha ****

review date 12/03/2012 overall rating
My two roommates and me had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline a couple months back and she was sweet and refreshingly honest. She would educate us on the inner workings of the market, including the roll brokers played. We learned so much and were impressed at how she would even inform of us of things that might not have been in her self interest, i.e. cheaper alternatives, competing referrals and more!

She prepared us for the entire process and when she found us the perfect place we not only were able to act and secure it but she even managed to negotiate the rent down in the process!

Unfortunately in the end we never rented the apartment due to one of our roommates having to back out right before lease signing because of a family loss. However, my other roommate and I plan on using Jacqueline's services next month when we plan on finding a 2br for ourselves.

I haven't dealt with many brokers but Jacqueline seemed special and I doubt there are many others who can rival what she brings to the table.

- Sam

I did not rent an apartment from this agent.


Richard ****

review date 12/03/2012 overall rating
Okay, Jacqueline exceeded any expectations I had of working with a broker! I admit that I was cynical at first about having to pay someone money for what seemed like something I could do myself.

However, what I was surprised to find was that I couldn't do it least not that efficiently. After two weeks of escalating frustrations the two of us decided to bite the bullet and employ a broker to help us. We had heard horror stories so this was a huge leap of faith for us. After speaking with countless brokers and meeting a few it only fulfilled our worst fears and produced even more anxiety.

In walked Jacqueline. She was relatable, charming, informed and above all else patient and professional. Even though she was busy it never felt that way because she always made herself available. I admit, we were high maintenance clients with 1000 questions and concerns but in the end she was the glue that sealed an incredible deal on our new apartment!

We got lucky stumbling across one of Jacqueline's adds. This review is just about attempting to return the favor.

- Rick

I rented an apartment from this agent.

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