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I am so happy I met James, he set a standard to which other realtor agencies look up to. I just moved to NYC from Sweden 3 weeks ago and I was shocked by the rent, the fees and requirements for an apartment in NYC. Before I met James, I dealt with other brokers, which was a disappointing experience. Most of them rushed through the apartments without any comment and gave me the feeling that is just about their fee. Even one did not show up at all. James, in contrast, is the total opposite. He was very friendly and charming and even though we had only an appointment for one apartment, he took me to 3 others across the city and spent hours with me. He never rushed me and it was more like a friend showing me the area and the apartments. With James, you have every detail you need, and you're taken care of during the whole lease-signing process. I can't say enough amazing things about him. Additionally he gave me useful tips about getting started in NYC. In summary, I fully recommend James to every person, friends, family, or just anyone looking for an apartment who is looking for an expert and honest broker, who really cares!!!! THANK YOU JAMES!

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