Why Are You Apartment Hunting?

May 10th, 2013 : Travis Hill

Why Are You Apartment Hunting? We asked New York City renters to tell us the main reason why they are for searching for a new place. I want a nicer apartment:  21 percent. I am looking for my first place: 41%. My landlord raised my rent: 11%. I want to live closer to work: 15%. I want to live in a better neighborhood: 12%. Naked Apartments

  • Nothing is worse than looking for a place. Especially with, like what Dawnjay said, the amount of misrepresented apartments.

  • Looking for a new apartment is almost as awful and soul-sucking as looking for a new job (both compete for a special place in hell). Apartments are always more expensive than you remember them being last time you looked; everywhere you go under your budget is in a basement that smells like stale cigarettes and failure. Anything over budget is tantalizingly nice but will decimate your bank account. Nobody calls you back. Craigslist is teeming with poorly-photographed, all-caps entries, and the site’s no-sharing data policy means other sites are lacking.

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