evans2I still remember the first Walker Evans show I went to. It was nine years ago at the Museum of Modern Art, and it was endless galleries of beautiful black and white prints—stark, solemn, and striking. Evans was providing a visual history lesson, and I was listening. The duality of photography as both expression and a document of time—an easy summarization of his work—is what attracted me to the medium. I like finding new ways of seeing. Since moving to New York, I can’t get enough of photography. It helped that my first job here was at a photo book publisher, where I was exposed to the industry and art of it. It’s where I began to develop my photography tastes and why I started taking pictures myself.

Lately, I’ve been finding photo sites and blogs, whose author’s have a distinct point of view and whose sensibilities mimic my own. Really, what I’m saying is, I wish I could take pictures like these talented lens men. Below is a list of who I’m looking at lately: