If there’s one thing I learned from the hipsters in NYU’s studio art classes, it is to go to Printed Matter for everything.  Aside from its reputation for printing and selling books for just about anyone looking to publish work, this non-profit has a surprising collection of affordable art.  Browse their online catalog or visit the store on Tenth Avenue in Chelsea.

Their prices run the gamut from “barely affordable, but well worth it” to “you can’t afford not to have it.”  The former category includes an edition of 60 John Baldessari lithographs for $7,500 each, the latter a $6.50 book jacket designed by artist and photographer Barbara Bloom.  While not necessarily art pieces themselves, exhibition catalogs and artists’ writings are also available for purchase, plus music and books from artistic obscurity.


A recent NYU Gallatin grad and daughter of affordable art collectors, Emily Snyder puts her knowledge to good use spreading art-world news on  Unable to afford the neighborhood art market, the Chelsea resident chooses to decorate with found artwork, vintage posters, and her own creations.