The apartments, schools, castles and college dorms where Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton have spent their lives.

Kate’s Childhood home

60 miles west of London, now on the market for $742K.

Kate Middleton's Childhood Home - Exterior

Kate's Childhood Home

Kate Middleton's Childhood Home - Exterior

Interiors and Garden

Kate’s Current Home (for another day or so)

Where William landed an RAF (Royal Air Force) helicopter, getting in some hot water.

A little bit nicer than the old one, eh?

Kate Middleton's Home - Where Prince William Landed the RAF Helicopter

From the air

St Andrew’s College

Where the couple met and romanced.

St. Andrew's College

St Andrews College

Kate and William are regulars at this hotel

William and Kate were regulars at St Andrews Bay Hotel hotel and spa

St. Andrew's Housing

Housing at St Andrews

William’s Bachelor Days in London

At Dolphin Square in Pimlico

William's apartment (flat) building in London

William's bachelor building

Picture of a flat in the buildings

William might have slept here

Picture of the lobby in the building

Loft living at Dolphin Square

The Welsh Island of Anglesey

Where William is stationed as a Helicopter pilot.

Where William is stationed as a helicopter pilot

The Royal Couple’s Future Home

At Harewood Estate in North Wales.

The Royal Couple's Future Home

Harewood Estate

The Royal Couple's Future Home - Aerial Photo

From the air

Possible plans for their new home?

Plans for their new home on Harewood?